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Cloud storage • Nov 2014

A-Maze-ing Results for Method Studios

How Avere Systems Helped the Studio Behind "The Maze Runner" Navigate Out of a Traditional NAS Infrastructure Puzzle

Avere Systems announced the a-maze-ing storage performance results Method Studios Vancouver has achieved since adding Avere FXT Edge filers to the company's infrastructure.

Method Studios, a Deluxe Entertainment Services Group company, is known for it's visual effects work and expansive blockbuster portfolio including "The Maze Runner", "Thor: The Dark World", "Divergent", "Maleficent", "The Giver", "Transformers: Age of Extinction" and many more major-studio features.

While working on the film "The Maze Runner," a project that ultimately saw the creation of 150 character shots and 380 environment shots, Method Studios saw its existing NAS infrastructure pushed to its limit. The network experienced timeouts that would lock users' workstations for as long as 30 seconds at a time. IT was tasked with fixing these backend issues without adding budget lines.

"Avere often sees media and entertainment companies run into the same struggles Method Studios faced. Traditional data centers can't keep up with production demands and IT is expected to find the magic solution. This is where Avere comes in and provides the ultimate answer," said Ron Bianchini, president and CEO, Avere Systems. "We're able to deliver not just a cost efficient solution, but allow artists to have the time and technology to empower their creative processes."

With Avere, Method Studios was able to avoid buying more expensive storage media for the company's traditional infrastructure, while solving the performance bottleneck and remaining within budget. The Avere architecture has also given Method Studios the capability to support the company's changing business strategies.

"Deploying Avere more than tripled our IOPS for about one-fourth the cost of achieving equivalent performance on our core filers," said Scott Parker, head of Technical Operations at Method Studios Vancouver. "But Avere delivers value beyond raw price/performance. Avere's global namespace enables a consolidated view across all of our NAS arrays and provides advanced analytics that up-level troubleshooting. Avere's analytics give us new opportunities to simplify, improve processes, and deploy assets most effectively across our WAN for better performance and to support our studio's evolving business requirements."• 11/14

Avere is radically changing the economics of data storage. Avere's hybrid cloud solutions give companies -- for the first time -- the ability to end the rising cost and complexity of data storage and compute via the freedom to store and access files anywhere in the cloud or on premises, without sacrificing the performance, availability, or security of enterprise data. Based in Pittsburgh, Avere is led by veterans and thought leaders in the data storage industry and is backed by investors Lightspeed Venture Partners, Menlo Ventures, Norwest Venture Partners, Tenaya Capital, and Western Digital Capital. For more information, visit

Pagos "digitales" • MWC 2014

PayPal y Samsung permiten comprar y pagar con autenticación de huella dactilar en el nuevo Samsung Galaxy S5

Los usuarios de Samsung Galaxy S5 podrán comprar de forma fácil y segura sin introducir su clave en tiendas online o físicas que acepten PayPal

PayPal y Samsung han anunciado que el nuevo Samsung Galaxy S5 permitirá a los usuarios comprar en cualquier tienda que acepte PayPal, a través del móvil o en el propio establecimiento físico, identificándose solo con su huella dactilar.  Gracias a la seguridad de la tecnología biométrica, los usuarios de Galaxy S5 no tendrán que recordar claves o identificadores para cada una de las millones de tiendas que aceptan PayPal. De esta manera, PayPal se convierte en la primera compañía de pagos a nivel mundial en soportar la tecnología de autenticación de huella dactilar de Samsung.

Samsung es uno de los fabricantes de móviles más fiables del mundo, con presencia en más de 150 países.  La quinta generación de smartphones Samsung Galaxy S5, presentados en el Mobile World Congress, están equipados con la tecnología de autenticación de huellas dactilares que permite a los consumidores disfrutar de una experiencia más segura en sus compras a través de móvil o en las tiendas físicas que aceptan PayPal.   

“El año pasado encabezamos la Alianza FIDO y vaticinamos que la industria superaría la identificación por contraseña. Este anuncio es un paso más en este sentido”, señaló Hill Ferguson, Chief Product Officer en PayPal. “Gracias al trabajo conjunto con Samsung para aprovechar las ventajas de la tecnología de autenticación dactilar de su nuevo  Galaxy S5, podemos demostrar a los consumidores que ya no tienen que elegir entre seguridad y comodidad.   Con deslizar el dedo por la pantalla, el usuario puede identificarse de forma segura y acceder a su cuenta PayPal para comprar y pagar desde su móvil cómodamente. ”

PayPal, con su cartera en la nube, no almacena la información personal en el dispositivo. El Galaxy S5, equipado con el nuevo software FIDO Ready™ que garantiza una comunicación segura entre el sensor de huella y el servicio de PayPal en la nube, permite a los usuarios realizar sus pagos con PayPal utilizando su dedo como identificador.  La única información que el dispositivo comparte con PayPal es una clave única cifrada que permitirá a PayPal verificar la identidad del usuario sin necesidad de guardar ninguna información biométrica en sus servidores.

"Estamos muy satisfechos del acuerdo alcanzado con PayPal, ya que traslada una de las soluciones de pago online más fiables del mundo a la industria móvil,” indicó Hankil Yoon, vicepresidente senior de estrategia de producto móvil. "Con PayPal, esperamos ofrecer a nuestros clientes una experiencia segura en sus compras y pagos online a través de nuestro nuevo Samsung Galaxy S5."

La autenticación por huella dactilar de PayPal en los nuevos Samsung Galaxy S5 estará disponible a partir de abril en 26 mercados, entre ellos, España, Australia, Brasil, Hong Kong, Rusia, Reino Unido y Estados Unidos.

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. es líder global en tecnología, abriendo nuevas posibilidades para  personas en todo el mundo. A través de la innovación incesante y el descubrimiento, estamos transformando el mundo de los televisores, smartphones, ordenadores personales, impresoras, cámaras, electrodomésticos, sistemas LTE, dispositivos médicos, semiconductores y soluciones LED. Contamos con 286.000 empleados en 80 países, con ventas anuales de 216.700 millones dólares.

PayPal es la forma rápida y segura de pagar y recibir pagos a  través de Internet, dispositivos móviles y en tiendas físicas. Con este servicio, los usuarios pueden pagar con tarjeta de débito, tarjeta de crédito, cuenta bancaria o saldo de PayPal sin compartir su información financiera con el vendedor. Con 143 millones de cuentas activas en 193 mercados y 26 divisas en todo el mundo, PayPal facilita un comercio global, procesando más de 9 millones de pagos diarios. PayPal permite realizar transacciones en cualquier momento, en cualquier lugar y desde cualquier dispositivo. La compañía es una auténtica fuerza motriz del crecimiento del comercio móvil y ha gestionado más de 27.000 millones de dólares en pagos móviles en 2013. PayPal es una empresa del grupo eBay (Nasdaq: EBAY), de la que generó el 41% de los ingresos en 2013. PayPal tiene sede en San José, California, y su oficina internacional se encuentra en Singapur.


TOP - Cover -

“Virtual Banking” is no longer a dream • Jan 2015

Mobile phone becomes the personal banking assistant

Since 2008, Taisys had been enabling Slim SIM banking services with local banks in China, especially in the rural areas where inadequate financial resources are provided. With Taisys Slim SIM technologies, the banks have successfully built up the highly secured “virtual banking network” to their customers providing secured access to financial services, replacing the investment in traditional infrastructures.

F-Road Shanghai, affiliated to Taisys and a JV with IFC*, provides the “virtual banking network” to its member banks by connecting the banking system to all MNOs in China, together with the Slim SIM as the secure elements. Up to date, more than 1,100 banks in China have been deploying  the secure and convenient services using Taisys slim SIM technology, including state owned Agriculture Bank of China and nation-wide Postal Saving Banks of China.  In Sept. 2014, the monthly transaction figures*reaches 28.36 billion USD, 28% growth rate to the precious month. The fast and reliable services provided by banks and trusted by consumers make “Virtual Banking” no longer a dream. The Slim SIM enables digital signature and encryption over SMS and data network to provide unprecedented security to the banking service, making a regular mobile phone becomes the personal banking assistant. 

Secure Element that provides ownership of customers 

CEO of Taisys, Jason Ho expresses, “The Slim SIM is the only secure element that strictly complies with ETSI/3GPP standards for the banks to deploy virtual banking with ownership of customers. As a GSMA associate member, we are dedicated in improving the technology evolution in order to include none-telco parties such as banks to serve their customers better in the mobile society. We are pleased to present the scale of the transaction size that is secured by our technology.” • APO (7-1-15)

Startups contest • Nov 2014

CODE_n15 CONTEST countdown in progress

Startups must submit their entries by November 30, 2014 • Topic: "Into the Internet of Things" - focus on digitization • 50 finalists showcased at CeBIT, main prize EUR 30,000 • Registration:

The international startup competition CODE_n CONTEST is going into its fourth round in 2015. Young companies still have until the end of November to submit their digital business models relating to the areas of DIGITAL LIFE, INDUSTRY 4.0, FUTURE MOBILITY and SMART CITY.

Those making the top 50 will have the opportunity to present their companies in the CODE_n Hall 16 at CeBIT free of charge. In addition, they get the chance to win the main prize of EUR 30,000.

"Startups and pioneers need exposure for their business models. CODE_n gives them this," says Ulrich Dietz, CEO of the GFT Group and initiator of CODE_n.

Investors, clients and the media - this is the audience mix that the finalists can look forward to at CeBIT from March 16 to 20, 2015. In 2014, the CODE_n Hall 16 was visited by over 17,000 industry experts.

"The five trade show days are a real opportunity for our startups. They'll hold many, many discussions, receive feedback on their business models, gain new clients and speak with potential investors. Many of our previous finalists have used this experience to take their idea and young company to the next level."

Following on from Big Data in 2014, CODE_n will be focusing on all aspects of digitization in the coming year. The motto of the CODE_n15 Contest is "Into the Internet of Things". "The Internet of Things is a megatrend for the years ahead," says Dietz.

"For us, however, it's just the starting point for an even bigger development: the digitization of the economy and, yes, even society. If we Europeans want to play in the same league as the major economic powers of the future, we have to 'step on the gas now'.

Tomorrow is too late. With their innovations, startups show us the way forward. CODE_n gives both them and established companies a platform to develop more quickly together and launch new ideas."

The CODE_n15 CONTEST is divided into four areas: DIGITAL LIFE, INDUSTRY 4.0, FUTURE MOBILITY and SMART CITY. "It's an attempt to structure a development which now affects our entire lives. But we're clearly targeting all young companies who want to make our existing situation better and faster with their digital solutions," says Dietz. "Industry, services and banks, mobility and homes, life and health and much more - digital ideas for all these areas have a place in the CODE_n15 CONTEST."


The CODE_n exhibition space is divided into four main areas:

The area of DIGITAL LIFE includes things like wearable items (clothing or accessories) that measure the wearer's movements or biometric data and intelligently processes this information - be it for lifestyle purposes or medical applications. Smart home solutions give users remote control of household items. These types of innovations allow people who need special care or attention to live at home for longer. Solutions of this kind generally use sensors to assess situations, for example, detecting if someone has fallen and triggering an emergency response. This area also includes novel ideas for retailers. Thanks to state-of-the-art technologies, they can enhance shopper experience with tailored solutions that make shopping more comfortable for customers - for example, through mobile purchases.

INDUSTRY 4.0 relates to all applications along the value chain in industrial manufacturing. This includes smart logistics solutions that can be used to monitor the location and condition of various items at any time, as well as optimized resource planning with early detection of potential warehousing problems or the prevention of delivery bottlenecks due to low stock levels. In factories, the Internet of Things ensures optimal production processes at peak plant times thanks to machine-to-machine communications. Add to this intelligent services that enhance the work quality in factories - things like air quality control and temperature monitoring or the detection of hazardous gases or radiation.

FUTURE MOBILITY is an area for autonomous driving solutions based on groundbreaking car-to-car communications technologies, including automatic direct emergency calls in case of traffic accidents. The Internet of Things is particularly interesting for businesses when it comes to fleet management. Real-time route management - which not only includes cars but all available modes of transportation - serves to actively prevent traffic jams and make traveling more enjoyable.

The SMART CITY area includes solutions related to urban infrastructure, which improve quality of life in our cities and foster the resourceful use of energy. The intelligent control of street lamps or automated systems to check air and water quality are just some of the potential application areas. Thanks to the Internet of Things, the construction progress for streets and buildings can be continually monitored. Yet the SMART CITY area also extends to include security concepts for large-scale events or buildings like public shopping centers. • 11/14

CODE_n is a global innovation platform for ambitious founders and leading companies. Featuring elements such as the CODE_n CONTEST, EVENTS, CONNECT and SPACES, the overall CODE_n initiative offers an ecosystem designed to network digital pioneers and support the development of new, digital business models. CODE_n stands for "Code of the New," the DNA of innovation. • CODE_n will bestow the CODE_n Award for the fourth time in 2015, this time going by the motto "Into the Internet of Things".

The GFT Group is a global technology partner for future digital issues - covering everything from discovering innovation to developing and implementing sustainable business models. • Within the GFT Group, GFT stands for competent consulting and reliable development, implementation and maintenance of customised IT solutions. The company is one of the world's leading IT solutions providers in the banking sector.

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