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Download Users & Readers registration form.

 The Users & Readers registration form has only statistical purposes, and its contents are filed within a Neolectum database, which will not be shared with any other company. Confidentiality is guaranteed following guidelines from Directive 95/46/CE (European Union), and Organic Act 15/1999 (Spain) about Protection of Personal Data. 

This registration aims to improve relationships with our readership, in order to bring them new additional services in our pages. Feedback is important in all sectors. 

There are two open categories within Docs Pool documents. Basic ones are open to every visitor while Medium docs will be freely open only to registered readers. It will also be a weekly e-mail including comments and news of Neolectum contents, plus some additional info for registered users; those who check for it, will receive it. 


All docs can be downloaded. Open password of Medium docs can be obtained by sending, from the registered e-mail address, your username and filename.This process will enable us to follow main trends of requested info, so that particular sector can be progressively improved.This semi-automatic method is more personal, and wants to get in direct contact with the professional readership visiting Neolectum. 

Documents format is PDF and they work seamlessly with Acrobat Reader not older than 3 years (6.x and 7.x). We strongly advise to download and install the free, latest release from Acrobat Reader in order to get the most of its functionality. In this form, you will be able to both print a hard copy and send form data by e-mail (by clicking Submit button). 

We hope to continue improving contents and proposals in Neolectum. Since the beginning Neolectum has been focusing on markets integration through its articles, data, index, and other kind of info to help decision-makers. 

Download Users & Readers registration form.

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Adhiere al Código Deontológico de la F.A.P.E. (Federación de Asociaciones de la Prensa de España)

CM, desde Londres y con oficinas en Buenos Aires, Génova y Madrid, producía información para América Latina y España dirigida a los profesionales y empresarios del ámbito comercial, la distribución minorista y los sectores industriales vinculados (proveedores y logística), además de poseer un extenso catálogo de fichas de empresa (proveedores, fabricantes, transitarios, etc.) • News Desk Electum, desde Madrid, informaba en castellano y en inglés sobre segmentos “indicadores” (como construcción, telecomunicaciones o FMCG) y la actividad económica general de la UE y candidatos, con especial énfasis en los sectores con sinergias import-export.

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